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The hard copy archive can be viewed by arrangement.
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The following is a list of items that are in the hard copy archive:


Wiltshire Beekeepers' Association Magazines

Wiltshire Beekeepers’ Bulletin until December 1947
Wiltshire Beekeepers’ Gazette January 1948 – the 1950s
The Honey Bee Times May 1959 – present

Location: Box A Item H1

Click here to see a table detailing magazines held in the H archive, and extracts available to view on the E archive.

We are particularly looking for early issues of the Wiltshire Beekeepers’ Bulletin for the late 1930s and early 1940s. We are also missing some issues for the 1970s.

Details of the Swindon Association Constitution

Copies of and notes about the Swindon Beekeepers’ Association Constitution – 2001 and some undated

Location: Box B Item H11

Officers List

WBKA and SWBKA Officers Lists

Location: Box B Item H23

Committee and AGM meeting agendas and minutes

Committee Meetings and Annual General Meetings Agendas and Minutes
30 Sept 2001 – 30 Oct 2008

Committee Meetings and Annual General Meetings Agendas and Minutes
January 2009 –

Location: Box B Items H7 and H8

Attendance Books

Attendance Book 27 November 1992 – 22 April 2001

Attendance Book 27 September 2001 – 30 March 2006

Location: Box B Items H5 and H6

Newsletters and Branch Notices

Branch Newsletters October 2004 –

Location: Box B Item H9

File containing: Newsletters and Branch Notices Feb 1992 – Nov 2000

Location: Box D Item H7

Accounts Books and Bank Statements, cheque books ect


Accounts Book 1983 – 2004

Accounts Book 2004 – 2008

Location: Box B Items H3 and H4
Accounts Documents 2008 – 2009

Accounts Documents – Payments 2009 – 2010

Accounts Documents – Receipts 2009 – 2010

Wallet containing:
Paying in books 2004 – 2008
Cheque books 2003 – 2008
Hard disks – Accounts 2006, 2007
CD – Swinbee End-of-year statement 2006/7

Accounts Documents 2010 – 2011

Location: Box C Items H1, H2, H3, H4 and H5

Bank statements – Community Account – June 2005 – January 2012

Bank statements – Business (Premium) Saver Account – June 2005 – January 2012

Accounts documents x 3 2010 – 2012

Location: Box D Items H4, H5 and H6

Honey Show information

Tables of Teal Cup winners 1957 – 1962

Location: Box A Item H2
Documents relating to various Honey Shows

Location: Box B Item H15
CD-R WBKA Honey Show 2012

Location: Box D Item H10

Biographies of veteran beekeepers

Beekeeping Biographies:

1. Harold Teal – died 1954 – from The Wiltshire Beekeepers Gazette

2. Sidney Lewis – a member in the 1940s and 1950s –
from an interview by Joy Simpson with his daughter, Jean

3. John Woolford – died 22 September 2011 – a veteran member of the Swindon Association – from an interview by Joy Simpson

4. Jim Melsome – died 23 June 2009 – a member of the Swindon Association since 1942 – from an interview by Joy Simpson

5. Ken Hislop – a veteran member of the Swindon Association –
from an interview by Joy Simpson

6. Bryan Hopper – a long-standing member of the Swindon Association as was his father Ted Hopper – from an interview by Joy Simpson

7. Ron Hoskins – a member since the70s, President and an active and valuable contributor to the Association. Also well-known for his research and development of self-grooming bees as a method of Varoa mite control.

Location: Box B Item H10

Miscellaneous documents relating to Swindon Association

Miscellaneous Documents

* 1987 SDBKA Library list
* Undated letter re: loaned equipment
* 1992 February Members Library Rules and Book List – Librarian Ron Hoskins
* 1994 Members Library List and Rules – Librarian Ron Hoskins
* Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd – leaflet and rates 1995
* Adult bee disease diagnosis form issued to Mr Affleck 1965
* SDBKA Notice and minutes of meeting to be held 26th Sept 1970
* WBKA Crop report slip for 1949 season
* Announcement and agenda of AGM and Honey Show on Saturday October 17th
(no year!)
* Letter from Pat Kelly to Mr Done, thanking him for the loan of beekeeping equipment
(no date)
* SDBKA Letter from Ken Hislop reminding members that their subscription is overdue
(no date)
* Letter from Ken Hislop to members detailing beekeeping evening classes to be held
in Jan/Feb 1963
* Letter from BBKA re: research funding, Data Protection Act, varroa treatment and
honey labelling
* Letter to Ross Gregory (undated) requesting committee meeting from “Brian”
* Crop Liaison Update – undated – from David Coates SDBKA Spray Liaison Officer
* Assorted Committee and AGM Minutes from years 1994 – 1997

Location: Box B Item H12

Newbury and District Beekeepers association – details and correspondence relating to visit to lecture entitled “Pollen in Forensic Science” by Michael Keith-Lucas
on Friday 16 March 2007

Location: Box B Item H13

Documents relating to Annual Subscription information

Location: Box B Item H14

Letter from Mike Farrar, of Salisbury branch, re loaning his magazines, and the scanned items now in the E Archive

Location: Box D Item H1

Letters and drawings from school children to Ross Gregory, thanking him for giving talks at various schools

Location: Box D Item H2

File containing various photographs of branch dinners, training sessions at out apiary, shows and branch events and visits

Location: Box D Item H3

Books, publications, letters and articles of general beekeeping interest

Items of general/national interest:
* Leaflet – The new “Mountain Grey” Extractor and Clarifier for Beeswax – price 45/-
* Booklet – “Comb and common sense” published by The Central Association of
British Beekeepers
* Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Advisory Leaflets
* B.D.I. News sheet – May 1955
* “Flowers for bees” booklet published by The Bee Research Assoc.
* BBKA 1964 Year Book and Annual Report
* Email from Ross Gregory to Dennis Simpson re: SwinBees: Future NBU Fund –
4 November 2004
* Transcript of Independent online article “Life is sweet for honey farmers as sales
soar” – 29 September 2005
* Leaflet “Twenty-five Years of BBKA based at Stoneleigh” August 2007
* Guardian article “Bees translate dances of foreign species” Wed June 4 2008
* Guardian article “Beekeepers seek £8m to fight hive plagues” – undated
* Telegraph magazine article “Condemned cells” – undated
* “A short history of The National Honey Show” by J.W. Holt, President and F.J.
Crow, Chairman – no date
* Notice publicising 26th BWKA Annual Field Day on 10th June 1995
* Newspaper article – undated – “There’s money in honey” about starting
beekeeping to make some extra cash
* Newspaper article – Guardian Tuesday 19th May 2009 – “Pot of gold: the honey
that costs £55 a jar” about manuka honey
* Newspaper article Stroud Life – 2011 – “We are proud to say we love bees”
about Stroud’s Bee Guardian Foundation
* Copy of book illustration – un-named and undated – lithograph showing candle
dipping manufacture in Germany
* Copy of question and answer letters about why bee stings are barbed
* Copy of article in Wildlife magazine – “Bee informed” about National
Federation of Womens’ Institutes resolution to support national research
into the destruction of bee colonies
* BBKA survey of beekeeping in England 1985 – survey form and summary of
survey results from 1981 – 1984
* Advisory Leaflet No. 306 Foul Brood
* Leaflet issued by WBKA “Would you like to be a beekeeper? We can help
* The Southern Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations:
Year Book 1946 20th year of issue
Year Book 1947 21st year of issue

Location: Box B Item H16

Book “The Practical Bee Guide” by J. G. Digges
Seventh edition – Published 1932
Inscribed on first page:
Henry Hardings Johnsey, 97 Morris St, Swindon
Location: Box B Item H17

Booklet “Better Beekeeping” January, 1932 N0 4
Published by A. W. Gale, Marlborough
Copy – original held by Terry Cooke of Kennet Beekeepers’ Association

Location: Box B Item H18

Equipment Price Lists from local agents

Location: Box B Item H20

The Bath and West Show in Swindon
References to 1906, 1929. 1957 and 1964 from copies of WBG and HBT

Location: Box B Item H21

Harold Teal – An appreciation – Supplement to WBG,
and details of Harold Teal Cup rules and winners lists

Location: Box B Item H22

Press Articles

Location: Box HP
Item HP1 Evening Advertiser
“Pretty as a picture” – Jean Tuck on her beekeeping father,
Sidney Lewis, and prisoners of war May 1995

Item HP2 This is Wiltshire
“Time to Express GM concerns”
Tuesday 15 August 2000

Item HP3 Evening Advertiser
“Keeping bees in the Second World War” – transcript
Joy Simpson 2003

Item HP4 Evening Advertiser
“Making a beeline for the beehive” – transcript and article
Ross Gregory Saturday 8 may 2004

Item HP5 Swindon Advertiser
“This course is really all the bees’ knees!”
Ron Hoskins Tuesday July 26 2005

Item HP6 Swindon Advertiser
“Ron’s tackling a sticky problem”
Ron Hoskins Tuesday September 27 2005

Item HP7 Swindon Advertiser
“Open to a great day – Twigs festival is a success”
Ross Gregory Monday June 25 2007

Item HP8 Swindon Advertiser
“Welcome to the honey factory” and “Bee plus” on reverse
Ron Hoskins Monday July 7 2007

Item HP9 Swindon Link
“Bees are not just for honey”
Ross Gregory 2007

Item HP10 Beelines
“What November brings”
Chad Cryer November 2007

Item HP11 Swindon Advertiser
“We’re buzzing with plans to help the bees!”
Commonweal School for the Old Town Festival Friday May 15 2009

Item HP12 Swindon Advertiser
Death notice – Jim Melsome Wednesday July 1 2009

Item HP13 Swindon Advertiser
“Share your sweet honey memories”
Joy Simpson – request for public’s help with archive
Tuesday August 4 2009

Item HP14 Western Daily Press
“Bees will keep you as busy as they are”
Fred Swift Saturday March 1 2010

Item HP15 Swindon Advertiser
“Ron mite have a hit on bee salvation”
Ron Hoskins Thursday August 19 2010

Item HP16 Swindon Advertiser
Death notice – Beryl Woolford (wife of John Woolford)

Item HP17 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser
Account of presentation to former Chairman – Mr B.S.Smith and
Monday October 27th 1952
Item HP18 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser
“Feast of honey in Swindon” Account of third Annual Mead
Ceremonial and Harvest Supper
29th October 1955
Item HP19 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser
Poor photograph of Mr A. U. Emery, Chairman and the Mayor and
Mayoress at the Ceremony of the Mead
Saturday October 28th 1961
Item HP20 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser
“Mayor swarms into a(u)ction at supper”
Account of annual Ceremony of the Mead and Supper
Saturday October 27th 1962

Item HP21 Swindon Advertiser
“It’s honey to the bee”
Interview with Dennis Simpson – Vice Chairman
Thursday December 29 2011

Item HP22 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser Thursday August 13th 2009
Death Notice – John Sharp
and Order of Service for his funeral
Item HP23 Swindon Advertiser Thursday September 29th 2011
Death notice – John Woolford
and Order of Service for his funeral

Item HP24 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser Friday September 30th 2011
“Garden centre will be buzzing”
SWBKA at Harvest Festival at Blooms Garden Centre

Item HP25 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser undated
“A sweet treat”
Notice of local honey for sale Sunday Farmers Market at the Outlet
Village, Swindon

Item HP26 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser undated
“Demonstration has the crowd buzzing”
Norman Davies at the Coleshill Summer Show

Item HP27 Wiltshire Gazette and Herald? undated
“Beekeeper’s mead sets show buzzing”
Fred Portch – Britain’s top meadmaker awarded coveted silver
mazer cup, by the Meadmakers’ Guild at National Honey Show

Item HP28 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser Tuesday February 21st 2012
Death Notice – Jean Melsome (Jim Melsome’s wife)

Item HP29 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser Friday April 12th 2013
“Cold means honey prices will rise”

Item HP30 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser Wednesday May 29th 2013
Death notice – Phil Shepherd – previous member (dates unknown)

Item HP31 Flyer – “Celebrating Swindon” featuring a “Wiltshire Beekeeper”
at Asda Wal-mart

Item HP32 Wiltshire Gazette and Herald March 13th 2002
Club Spotlight: Swindon Beekeepers

Item HP33 Swindon Link No. 32 July 2007
“Bees are not just for honey”
Swindon Beekeepers at Twigs

Item HP34 Swindon (Evening) Advertiser Monday June 25th 2007
“Open to a great day – Twigs festival a success”
Ross Gregory features in a report about Twigs Summer Festival

CD-R and DVD-R featuring photographs and TV broadcasts

Location: Box D

Item H8 CD-R Archive photos for slide show 27/10/2011

Item H9 DVD-R BBC programme “How we won the war”
Joy and Dennis Simpson

Item H10 CD-R WBKA Honey Show 2012

Item H11 DVD-R Fortnum and Mason visit – Feb 1992 – Nov 2000

Item H12 CD-R Various photos from Paul Vickery

Item H13 DVD-R Beekeeping of a bygone era – general interest