First Recipients receive the Bryan Hopper Cup
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  • 1st November 2019
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Bryan Hopper, President of the Swindon and District Beekeepers Association has generously donated an impressive cup to the Branch to be awarded annually to the person or persons who have made a significant contribution to and / or promoted the craft of beekeeping.

The Bryan Hopper Cup, as it is to be known, was presented to the First Recipients at the Branch’s Annual General Meeting on 31 October 2019. The cup was awarded jointly to Mike Benson and Richard Bunce, and was presented to Mike (shown left in the photo) on behalf of both himself and Richard by the Branch Chair, Tim Bullock. The award was made in recognition of the invaluable contribution made by both Mike and Richard in raising awareness of honey bees and pollinators at St Francis School and, with the blessing of the Head Teacher, teaching 60 pupils and staff sufficient skills to enable them to become the proud owners of two colonies which have produced an amazing 100 lb of honey in their first year.


Both Mike and Richard are very committed to working with young people, and to introduce them to the craft of Beekeeping as Mike quite rightly sees them as the next generation of beekeepers and the people who will champion the cause of honey bees and pollinators in the years to come.



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